Know About Large Format Printing Dublin

There was a time when large format printing was very expensive and most of the people who were on a budget wouldn’t even think about going for them. But the times have changed and the advancement in the technology made the large format prints highly affordable. But there are still some people who don’t know much about it. This article will throw light on the

What is Large Format Printing?

Also referred to as grand format or wide format, this is at least 24 inches wide. A survey has been conducted by WhatTheyThink group and it has been proved that the large format printing is still in style after the boom of various other types of marketing techniques. Whether you are aiming to produce vehicle wraps, banners or decor, the digital large format printing can be considered as an ideal solution. Recently after the large format printing became affordable, more and more people are investing in it. Apart from being cost-effective, the large format printing has so many marketing benefits too which made it a great solution for most of the companies out there.

This large format printing dublin has become the latest trend these days because it won’t take much of the time or money yet the marketing done with this technique outsmart several other marketing strategies. Before the development of technology, most of the people completely ignored this because of the cost and the lack of suitable material but the times have changed and now the megaformat digital printing is cheaper than ever and one of the best marketing techniques.

Printing Material Used in Large Format Printing

The best thing about large format printing is that they can be customized as per the requirement and because of their size they can be seen from a huge distance too. As these boards are placed outdoor, it is important to craft them as durable as possible. The materials that are used to make these highly durable large format printing are nylon plastic mesh and vinyl formats that are durable for any weather conditions and are UV resistant. The companies make sure that even the ink used on the banner is UV resistant.