Upvc Windows Dublin

An important consideration for anyone who is installing windows in a new construction or replacing windows in an older property is about the kind of frames the new windows will have. There is often a confusion of sorts between the use of aluminum frames and the recently popular, uPVC window frames. The decision for this choice should be ideally based on your market research and understanding of the qualities of each material. That may seem a little intimidating, so let’s look at the very basic considerations that are absolutely essential to making this choice.My explanation windows dublin.

uPVC or un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride windows are commonly used in homes and offices these days. This material is scientifically considered to be strong, durable, and highly resilient. Of course, the material hasn’t been around in the construction industry for very long, but the demand for the same is catching up, as there is a decline in the use of timber window frames for budget and environmental reasons. That being said, here is some information on why uPVC windows in Pune , Mumbai and other major cities are gaining popularity by the day and why you should consider them.

Things to consider when deciding on the material for your window frames

The basic aspects to look at when considering if you should opt for uPVC windows in Pune or go with the standard aluminum window frames are your budget, aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Here is some information based on these aspects to help you decide the right window for your home.


The choice of the material more often than not depends on the costs involved. In this regard, uPVC windows definitely prove to be a lot cheaper than aluminum window frames. While it is true that the uPVC windows are quite budget friendly, this is not the main aspect that you should look into for considering these window treatments. uPVC windows  also great for insulation and thereby provide better energy savings.


Traditionally, aluminum windows were considered to be aesthetically more appealing, as they are available in a huge variety. Just like aluminum frames, uPVC windows can also offer dual finish options, so these windows can be well suited for both interiors and exteriors of your homes and workplaces.


As far as durability is concerned, aluminum windows are pretty strong and durable. This is the main reason why aluminum window frames are very common in commercial establishments. Although uPVC windows are used a little less frequently, they also provide great durability; they are strong enough for household use as well as in workplaces.


With regards to maintenance, both aluminum and uPVC windows do not require too much of an effort. Just some regular maintenance like wiping off of the stains and some rare lubricating of the moving parts of the windows is all that is needed.